Online session on ‘Become a Better Programmer With Domain Modelling'

About The Event

This session was conducted by one of our most experienced developers, Suvish Thoovamalayil, who has years of experience in developing award-winning software products and applications.

In this interactive session, he discussed the following topics:

  • What is Domain Modelling
  • Why every programmer should learn this
  • How it helps you solve problems faster
  • Practical examples of Domain Modelling

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Event Date

10 June 2020


Zoom Conferencing



Suvish Thoovamalayil

Suvish works as a Technical Architect for Contenstack and has 9+ years of professional experience. He likes to learn about interdisciplinary approaches to build software. He advocates free-thinking and adopting an open-minded approach to anything new. In his free time, he enjoys exploring nature, usually by trekking or travelling

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