Raw Engineering

An Innovative Digital Solutions company

Raw Engineering provides Digital Transformation Strategy and Custom Development Services. It has been trusted for more than a decade by the world’s most innovative startups, sports franchises and leading Fortune 500 companies for Web, Mobile and DevOps solutions and services.



An API-first, Headless CMS company


Contentstack is the leading API-first content hub at the intersection of CMS and DXP powering modernized digital experiences. It recently received a Series-A funding of $31.5 million to deliver personalized, omnichannel digital experiences.


Integration Platform-as-a-Service

Acquired in 2018 by German software powerhouse, Software AG, Built.io Flow is an intelligent Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) to power business workflows.


Education Basics

All-in-one education management system


Education Basics aims at simplifying the life of schools and colleges so they can focus on delivering what matters most - Quality in education. With it’s all-in-one education management system, it aims to revolutionize the whole system, one institute at a time.


A STEM education organization for kids

iRobokid is an educational organisation specialising in STEM Education through Robotics, Coding, 3D printing, Electrics and Electronics. Its objective is to enable schools to introduce these programs to students in a fun and scientific manner.


Dhruva Space

Spacetesh startup manufacturing small satellites


Dhruva Space is a spacetech startup that develops small satellites, launches them, monitors via earth stations, and provides end-to-end solutions for these satellites.


End-to-end career guidance solution

Redeminds is a one-stop career guidance platform for school students that blends AI & behavioral sciences to offer a personalized map that empowers students to discover their true potential and help build skills for the world of the future. The career recommendations aren't just theoretical beacons (backed by data and assessments) but also a real-world immersive bridge of skills for occupations that will be relevant when the child graduates.


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