Surfboard Events

We organize several events all year-round, ranging from online sessions for students and classroom activities to innovation-driven development competitions. To stay up to date with our event updates, subscribe to our Events page.

Past Events

2 July 2020 CUT

Online session on ‘Tools, Resources and Concepts Every Beginner Programmer Should Know’

10 June 2020 CUT

Online session on ‘Become a Better Programmer With Domain Modelling'

22 May 2020 CUT

Online session on 'Get Started With JavaScript'

30 April 2020 CUT

Online session on ‘Why Is JavaScript So Popular'


Surfboard's Hiring Event for Women


#TechSurf2020 - Show your coding skills and win lakhs of rupees

Learn From The Best

Get first-hand knowledge and mentorship from our experienced team members.

Nirav Patel

Nirav works as a Training and Development Manager with Raw Engineering. He is responsible for getting employees up to date with the latest technologies and helps them with product onboarding. He loves playing badminton in his spare time.

Suvish Thoovamalayil

Suvish works as a Technical Architect for Contenstack and has 9+ years of professional experience. He likes to learn about interdisciplinary approaches to build software. He advocates free-thinking and adopting an open-minded approach to anything new. In his free time, he enjoys exploring nature, usually by trekking or travelling

Pritesh Jain

Pritesh Jain works as a Technical Architect at Contentstack. He is an entrepreneurial, geek hearted person with 10+ years of Technical Experience and has worked with Bookmyshow, Pricebaba, and more. In his spare time, he enjoys Air pistol shooting and likes to discuss politics with coworkers.

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